apc render +

Since July 2020, EDICAD’s APCRender+ has been offering new perspectives in the field of real-time 3D imaging.

APCRender+: performance and precision

Available for PC, APCRender+ is the first part of a new EDICAD software sequence which extends from the design of architectural projects to the building exploitation. The real-time 3D engine uses Unigine’s technology to take advantage of the full power of NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards: nothing better to achieve unprecedented photorealistic rendering precision!

« With APCRender+, EDICAD offers a powerful 3D visualization software allowing you to make your presentations by navigating directly to the heart of your projects. » Stéphane AGULLO – 3D Graphic Designer.

For all building professionals

APCRender+ is dedicated to all building professionals: architects, urban planners, project managers, promoters, landscapers, home builders, interior designers… Professionals will appreciate its ease of use and the extreme precision of the photo-realistic real-time visualization thanks to, among other things, the geolocalization of projects and the possibility to simulate the meteo.

With its clear and intuitive ergonomics, you will be able to stage your 3D projects very simply, and allow your customers to immediately project themselves in their future real estate, urban or industrial project.

An adaptable tool for all

Although originally designed for ArchiTECH.PC and the new EDICAD software sequence, APCRender+ works autonomously and allows the import of projects from other CAD software.

In addition, while the software’s libraries offer hundreds of 3D objects and high definition materials for your projects, APCRender+ allows the addition of your own 3D objects and the creation of customized materials from your textures.

« The EDICAD team of programmers is passionate and particularly reactive, which announces a serious commitment and promising evolutions! » Stéphane AGULLO – 3D Graphic Designer. »

About APCRender+ and Unigine by Denis SHERGIN, CEO of Unigine Corp.

« It is nice to see more UNIGINE-powered software for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry, as interactive 3D becomes a standard these days. I’m also happy about the rapid progress of the EDICAD development team with our 3D engine, very excited to see their further releases. » Denis SHERGIN – CEO, UNIGINE.