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In order to increase the efficiency of ArchiTECH.PC and KutchCAD, EDICAD is developing strong partnerships with publishers who matter to building professionals.


❝Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.❞

Henry Ford

Our Partners

With Codial Bâtiment, estimates, invoices, situations and site follow-up are drawn up quickly in order to efficiently manage your workforce and your activity.

Whether you are an individual contractor, a craft company manager in the building trade or the head of a small or medium-sized building company, the Codial Bâtiment range has been created to meet your needs, whatever the building trade.

Integrated, flexible, high-performance and quick to implement, Codial is constantly enriched by its users’ experience and today responds perfectly to the evolution of uses with its ergonomics totally new in the world of management software.

Since 1984, EBP has been a leader in the management software market and supports small and medium sized businesses throughout their growth. It develops and publishes a large catalogue of innovative solutions dedicated to the management of SMEs, craftsmen, retailers and liberal professions, in all business lines.

Today, more than 100,000 building professionals are fitted with an EBP solution for their day-to-day business management.

Discover the range of software dedicated to building professionals, from craftsmen to SMEs, whatever their trade.

In France, more than 100,000 building companies are already fitted with Sage Bâtiment software, with which they draw up more than a million quotes every month.

The Sage Building offer is dedicated to all craftsmen and building companies, whatever their size and trades.

Because we know the building trades well, we offer a complete range of software.

Complete, intuitive and high-performance, Sage Building software supports you in all your daily tasks and is adapted to your different needs: estimates, invoicing, orders, planning, site follow-up, customer management, payroll.

From the detection to the electronic submission of public and private tenders, Spigao allows all professionals in the construction industry to do all the tedious tasks related to the different stages of processing files, without retyping, with a minimum of time and effort. Secretaries, design offices and managers can thus devote themselves to what is essential: winning business.

For many years, Spigao has been multiplying partnerships to enable all construction companies to access calls for tenders from their estimating software.

Unigine is a powerful proprietary cross-platform game engine developed by Russian software company Unigine Corp. It is mainly used in the enterprise area: simulators, virtual reality systems, visualization, etc.

Distributed since May 2005, Unigine was created from scratch and is not based on any other engine.

In addition to the Physically Based Rendering (PBR), several new graphic technologies have been introduced into the Unigine engine, such as water geometry, multi-layered volumetric clouds, SSRTGI (Screen Space Ray-Traced Global Illumination) for the quality of real-time imagery, and voxel-based lighting, etc.

An updated Unigine SDK (Software Development Kit) is released every three months.

In order to increase the efficiency of ArchiTECH.PC and KutchCAD, EDICAD has developed strong partnerships with publishers and manufacturers that matter to the building profession.

PLACO® and ISOVER®, French leaders in interior comfort with their insulation and interior design solutions, are the reference partners for building professionals. This partnership reinforces EDICAD’s desire to offer an increasingly complete, high-performance and integrated surveying solution.


AS-AS-TECH Solutions is a publisher of asset management solutions and technical services.

The editor develops:

  • AS-TECH Web Office: cross-functional asset management software (buildings, warehouses, sales outlets, equipment, etc.) around which business applications are deployed.
  • AS-TECH Symphonie : groups together all the modules linked to mobility in order to access your data wherever you are from a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.


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